DraftKings Adds Additional Socio-Economic Compliance Tools

DraftKings Adds Additional Socio-Economic Compliance Tools

DraftKings, the industry leader in US sports betting, enhances its enforcement by adding Socure live casino online, the digital identity confidence leader, tools. The Socure compliance tools have streamlined online authentication to optimise the conversion of new players and reduce drop-off rates.

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DraftKings Compliance improves, Socure adds tools

DraftKings, the US market pioneer in sports entertainment and games Thai casino 12Joker, has concluded a multiannual deal with Socure. The arrangement is to provide Socure ID+ ID Authentication for DraftKings with the Digital Identity Confidence Manager.

DraftKings carried out a long assessment process before choosing Socure. During the testing, DraftKings attempted to show that new users had to raise automatic acceptance rates by 4.5% and manual reviews by 14%. The corporation is also planning to use both Intelligent KYC (Know-Your-Customer) of Socure and the Monitoring Products Global Watchlist. DraftKings can help verify its sportsbook, iGaming and Daily Fantasy Sports offerings with the help of other products. Moreover, BlueRibbon was recently purchased by the corporation to incorporate a special personalised jackpot solution

Important Socura milestone

Johnny Ayers, Socure’s CEO, said he was excited about partnering with DraftKings. In addition, the collaboration has seen Socure as a major achievement. Ayers emphasised that it is an exciting time to work “in an industry that is the so fast in the world. He also said that Socure would continue to assist operators in enforcement, ensuring “continued, unimpeded accountable progress.

Socure uses a digital automation method that enables the firm to have leading prices for automation. According to Ayers, Intelligent KYC verifies both easily and reliably online the identity of eligible players. This increases player transfers and decreases drop-off rates. He also emphasised that the global Socure watchlist approach operates alongside the Intelligent KYC product, resulting in continuous player eligibility tracking. Furthermore, the cooperation of the two programmes means that all KYC and anti-money laundering rules are complied with without interruption for online players.

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US Market Growth

Socure’s network uses various sources of information, including over 290 million good identities. In addition, the firm derives data from telecoms, loan and other accurate data from 7 billion documents to have leading industry matching identity precision.


The corporation is currently authorised to offer its services to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire Tennessee, Michigan and West Virginia online gaming operators. In addition, in Virginia and New Jersey, Socure’s selling status is pending.

Blue Ribbon Acquired

DraftKings reported on Monday the acquisition of Blue Ribbon Software Ltd, a U.S. sports betting operator. BlueRibbon is a leading global jackpot company based in Tel Aviv which provides real-time gaming software to integrate custom jackpots. Now, DraftKings will increase the expertise of the players and integrate the creative Jackpot approach with the acquisition of the business. In addition, the organisation will also include individual deals and customised incentives for each customer.

Experience of Player

In 2017, Dan Fischer formed BlueRibbon, CEO Amir Askarov and CMO. Idan Fridman, the CTO responsible for the advancement of jackpot technologies in the organisation, was joined by the two industry veterans. As a consequence, the jackpot technology was so versatile, that any game or contents could be introduced. The advanced technologies stimulated the player’s curiosity, apart from smooth experience.